Research and consultancy

The company can carry research in collaboration with a third party related to mushroom industry and also any consultancy assignment can be carried by the organization as long it is linked to mushroom sector.

Given our practical experience of many years we are able to offer appropriate solutions for your compost and / or production . We have a lot of experience mushroom industry, in many different companies , with a broad view of varied composting and growing conditions.

They are intending to achieve, by extensive knowledge exchange, better and faster results in advising, composting and mushroom farming. In a time when profit margins throughout the world of mushrooms are becoming smaller and smaller, it is economically irresponsible not to have the best possible yields with the highest achievable quality. This, ofcourse, at the lowest possible costs.

It is of great importance that you can seek advice, both practical and theoretical on your business, to become as profitable as possible.

Many consulting firms often lack the practical experience or the ability to exchange knowledge, because they operate as a sole proprietorship or believe to have all the answers.

The benefits of consulting firm MAN:

  • Practical advice with successful outcome
  • Experienced Consultant

We are specialized in:

  • Climate advice
  • Cultivation techniques
  • Protective Cultivation techniques
  • Growing on packages, boxes and bulk
  • Cost price advice
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